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The Full Story


Our Community Home Vision is to “Heal the world and make it a better place.” We will use the social model to promote a sober environment to residents in recovery. Through our various groups and social activities we plan to inspire those in recovery to improve their independence and live a healthier life



Our Community Home mission is to provide an outlet to assist individuals in substance use recovery with improving their mental health, learning new skills, and promoting a healthier lifestyle that will expose them to new opportunities and encourage a better quality of life.


The main purpose is to provide supportive services and creative outlets to individuals who struggle with addiction recovery. Our community home will assist with housing for individuals struggling with substance use issues. Individuals will be able to stay in the residence until their needs are met and significant progress has been made within their recovery. Additionally, we will provide resources to supportive group services to address substance abuse issues by qualified professionals. We will provide supportive and caring staff to help individuals with building their life skills to overall improve their independent living. 

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